Kaunisto Harri



Personal data:

Nationality: Finland

Age: 42

Place of birth: City of Tampere


1984 - 2004

Within building trade, in Finland and on foreign countries as carpenter.

Education also to the renovation of old wood-buildings.

Export marketing skils from Finland, EU, Carelian Respublic and Russia.

Work experience:

2003 - 2004

(Laste'st work in the sheep-Farm in Western Finland)


2003 - 2003

Lange O' Rourke Ltdt U.K. London

Carpenter -Airfield of Heathrow, Terminal -5

2002 - 2003

Labour office Finland Savonlinna

Cordinator Snohvit gas- field

-Project in Norway Voluntary co-ordination in project

-Arranging of Norway's language evening course to the project to applicants

-Connections between the labour offices and to employment's of the project.

2001 - 2002

Respublic of Carelia Carelian Respublic Sortavala

Consultant of Management Directory.

-Water project

-Laundry project


-HONKA RAKENNE Oyj (St. Petersburg) a timber house company,

a Marketing leader of the world.



1999 - 2001

The school of the Management Directory Export Agent Finland and Carelian Respublic, Cities of Oulu and Lahdenpohja

-Export Dealer Training programme number 11.

-Export Agent

-Developing plans of the company in environment of the Carelian Respublic and Russia.

-In City of Oulu 4 months, and in Respublic of Carlelia 8 months.



1998 - 1999 Finland City of Tampere.

Karhu Betoni OY


    • A Film Centre boarding of Finn-Kino Oy.

1996 - 1998

Re-Organisation Masters OY Finland In many Cities.


    • Building re-organisation, moisture damage, bathrooms.

1998 - 1998

Finate OY Finland City of Tampere

Sales man

    • Sales of alarm devices

1996 -

Own Company Finland City of Tampere


- Window installations and door installations

- Turns the Keys projects

- Interior decoration of timber houses

- Installation of kitchen pieces of furniture

- Foundations, bomb shelters (a boarding/the moulds)


1989 - 1991

YIT-YhtymÄ Oyj Finland City of Tampere


- Railway station of Tampere, Ukko-Pekka


1989 - 1989

Talotoimi OY Finland City of Tampere

A house

- Maintenance of real estates.


1989 - 1989

YIT-YhtymÄ Oyj Soviet - Union City of Moscow.


-Hotel Intercontinental "METROPOL", re-construction project.


1989 - 1989

Davanti Ky Finland City of Tampere


    • Night Club re-construction in Hotell " ILVES".

1988 - 1988

Polar-Rakennus Oy

Carpenter Soviet Union City of Sverdlovsk

    • An Eye Clinics in Cities Sverdlovsk and Orenburg
    • Finishing works in Sverdlovsk
    • Foundation stage in Orenburg

1987 - 1987

YIT-YhtymÄ Oyj Soviet - Union City of Moscow


    • Hotel Intercontinental "METROPOL", re-construction project.


1986 - 1986

Sales man Finland City of Tampere

- Sales of alarm devices

Engenieering Office A. Raivio Finland City of Nokia


    • Prefabricated houses.


1985 - 1987

Tampereen HAKA Oy Finland City of Tampere


    • Decorator Repair and mould-carpenter of the prefabrication factory.

1984 - 1985

A. Tervakoski Finland Many Cities


- Installations of houses parcels to the roofs from foundations.

    • Also interior decoration work's subsequent after the erections.



1981 - 1984

Erikoissarana OY Finland City of Tampere

Metall Man

- Turning, milling, bore,

- Mig - welding and pin, stainless - steel also

    • Metal workshop, from which versatile experience.


1980 - 1981

Johnsson Metall OY Finland City of Tampere

Metall Man

- Bronz-foundry

    • Metal works, inspection / measuring work's of the bearing's.

Other building-skills:

- Tiling

- Wallpapering:

- Painting and timber work:

- Loaders,+ bobcat..

- AB-driving licence

    • Use of work lifts experience and similar lifters


1969 - 1978

Comprehensive school Finland City of Tampere

    • 8 - year's comprehensive school




Vocational school outline Finland City of Tampere

    • Restorant - sector 2-year basic period from catering trade



Adult educational college Finland City of Tampere

- Measurements of the constructions

- Construction


Adult educational college Finland City of Tampere

    • Cook-course
    • 1980 hours in school
    • Two month's Work apprenticeship in Chaine des Rotisseurs - Restaurant "MyllÄrit"



Adult educational college JAKK Finland City of JalasjÄrvi

- Commercial and Technical Training programme Russian language

- Course period three months

    • Contents Two weeks in St. Petersburg

1994 -1994

Adult educational college JAKK Finland - Belgium Cities of JalasjÄrvi -Brussels

- Export-Sale course

- Native country period 4 months

- Foreign countries period 3 months in Brussels

- We went the course together with the Euro-Advice's

    • The participants had to have an assignment in stand and

I'd to have been a FESTIVO- Pavilion


    • I set up the pavilion for three months, to the stand.

1995 -1995 Finland City of Tampere

Iceman Oy

- Entrepeuner cource

- Entrepreneur readiness

- Business planning

- Marketing

    • Connections


1996 -1997

Association of Culture, registered society

Finland City of Tampere

- Correction and renovation course of Timber houses

- Condition estimates

- History and building protection

- Repair of wooden buildings

- Masonry work structures and their repair

- Paints and coatings

- Special characteristics of the correction site.




Training programme of HÄme Polytechnic Finland City of HÄmeenlinna

- Consrtruction Technic / Business and project activity in Russia in EU-environment

- Russian language and culture

- Project planning

- Economy and bookkeeping

- Strategy of the management

- Basics of the Business law

- Exercise in St. Petersburg

1999 -2000

Training programme of Managing Director School. Finland City of Oulu

- Export Saeler Course No. 11

- Marketing and functions of the foreign countries

- Planning of the export activity and internationalisation of the company

- Internationalisation and foreign cultures

- Entrepreunership, management accounting and own company

- Communication; English, German personal and Computer readiness

- Management of the project

- Practice in the Karelian Republic in Travel-Centre Jaakkimavaara AO 8 months

    • Tourism and Development programms.

Operation of the leisure::

Outdoor recreation and rambling.

+I am the member of the trade(worker) union of the U.K.

Volyntary job:

+Norway - Finland Snohvit -gas field project . Red Cross; first aid 1 and 2 course's

Language skills:

+ English

+ Russia

+ Helping Sweden and Germany

Liability to military servicet:

+ It has been performed


+ Photography , forest, lake


I have got experience of the international trade but also from the building area that's different sectors. Computer skill's brings help to the correspondence and to the networking.

Photo-handling (assist of the computer).


























































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